The best professional hair clippers review & buying guide 2020

best professional hair clippersHaving the best professional hair clippers in your kit can be the difference between a job that has been perfectly done and the one that was better left undone. The professional hair clipper is one of the most important tools that men require for proper grooming.

Most of the men even use the best cordless hair clippers for the grooming of their hair as well as beard and they cannot live even a second without it. It has been found that there is a huge variety of hair clippers available in the market and selection of the best one can be tough because everyone claims they have the best cordless hair trimmer. To help you out in the selection process here we have the list of best professional hair clippers. Assure that you study the complete comparison, so you can select the best product available in the market.

Comparison Table of Hair Clippers

Battery type
Buy Now
Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit
Self-sharpening blades.
Lithium Ion- Rechargeable
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Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper
high precision blades
Lithium Ion- Rechargeable
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Hatteker Hair Trimmer Pro Hair Clippers for Men
Self-sharpening blades.
Powerful lithium-ion battery
Check Availability
Braun BT3040 Men’s Ultimate Hair Clipper/Beard Trimmer
ultra sharp stainless steel blades
Powerful lithium battery
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Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer with T-Blade
Carbon-steel T-blade
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
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high precision blades
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Self-sharpening blades.
lithium-ion battery
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OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper
Detachable blade
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Kebor Hair Clipper for Men Cordless
Kebor Hair Clipper for Men Cordless
self-sharpening precision durable blades
Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
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Philips Norelco
Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper
Self-Sharpening Blades
Lithium-ion Power
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⇨How to select the best cordless hair trimmer?

Much the same as some other significant buy, it is imperative to do some careful research before buying a hair trimmer. Else, you may end up getting low-quality trimmers that will have fewer features.

⇨Why should you choose Modern Tech of Hair Trimmers?

The best cordless hair clippers will spare you your valuable time since it makes it simple to trim your hair from the solace of your home. The blades of hair trimmers are intended to glide smoothly finished the skin, and there is in this manner less bothering. You can use your hair trimmer securely without the danger of scratches.

Here are some  aspects that you should put into thought while getting the best hair cutting clippers.


Cost is one of the most imperative aspects to remember. You need to buy within the financial budget. While some air trimmers are for mustaches and facial hair, others accompany an additional flexibility for trimming ear and nose hairs.

Comb settings

Comb settings control the length of your cut. It is, along these lines, vital to go for a hair trimmer that has different comb settings as this makes it simple to get a tweaked trim every time.


Power is of extraordinary significance as it decides how simple the grooming session will be. You particularly ought to run for a trimmer with high power in the event that you have thick hair.

Ease of Maintenance

Point of fact, you don’t need a trimmer that will devalue following a couple of days of utilization causing pulling. Continuously be enthused about cleaning and other maintenance features. The best trimmer ought to be easy to maintain.

The technology of the Hair Trimmers

Makers of hair trimmers for men, particularly the electric kinds, are adding additional highlights to guarantee that theirs are the best.A portion of these features in the best professional hair clippers include:

✔ The revolving kind utilizing turning heads to trim and lift the hair. Foil shavers, then again, use oscillating blades bent under a coil.

✔ The cooling head helps soothe the skin. The best proficient hair clippers have a cooling head.

✔ Sonic vibration is a trademark highlight of the best proficient hair trimmer. It builds trimmer power making it simpler to lift and catch hair.

The best hair clippers for fades ought to have variable shaving force which causes you to accomplish a more modified look. These hair trimmers enable the client to trim their hair with or without water. You can, in this manner, use them in the shower or with shaving balms.

Finding the best hair clipper is totally reliant on your necessities and how frequently you plan to use it. Guarantee that you go for motor power that consummately suits your motivation. Whichever criteria you choose to use amid your buy, recall forget that the best body hair trimmer may cost more. It can serve you a lifetime making it a standout among st the most beneficial investments serving you the lifetime.

Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit, Trimmer

Remington hair clipper

The Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit gives you the energy of accuracy with flexibility for your desired grooming requirements. Its amazing features make it the best cordless hair trimmer.  Remington grooming unit incorporates foil shaver, ear and nose trimmer; full-size trimmer, hair clipper comb with the option of eight-length settings; three stubble and beard combs; and a travel pocket. Good texture grips fit in your hand firmly and give extreme grip at any point.

Lithium Power Battery

The PG6025 All-in-One Trimmer from Remington is outfitted with an enduring rechargeable lithium battery with up to 65 minutes timing. The trimmer keeps up predictable, high power all through the whole existence of each charge. Remington is known for their awesome rechargeable lithium batteries. These have been worked to productively guide power and torque to blades engine. One full charge will give you fifty to an hour of cordless shaving time. What’s more, it doesn’t make a difference whether you have charged it freshly or the battery charging is at its ending stage.

Washable Attachments

The completely washable set empowers you to trim, or shave any undesirable hair. With included linear, ear and nose trimmer attachments, there is not a single spot out of your reach. Furthermore, the greater part of its parts is anything but difficult to clean and simply wash under a faucet. The Remington PG6025 isn’t waterproof, so you should shave dry, yet the attachments are completely washable once you expel them from the Remington Model PG6025 body.

Self-Sharpening Blades

The surgical steel blades are solid and durable, conveying exactness and comfort. The blades inside the Remington PG6025 are produced using solid surgical steel. They are likewise dependable, with the goal that they won’t get dull effectively. Steel is additionally an awesome alternative for men who might be oversensitive to nickel.

Storage Pouch

Keep the grooming unit sorted out for traveling. Simply pack up the parts and you’re prepared to go.Accuracy, adaptability, and control are the name of the diversion when utilizing the Remington All-In-1 Grooming Kit. In case you’re in the market for another cordless and rechargeable men’s shaver, however, couldn’t care less on the off chance that it can be utilized wet, the Remington PG6025 All-in-1 Lithium Powered Grooming Kit might be precisely what you’re searching for. Try not to expect a considerable measure of highlights in this shaver; however, it will take care of business.

⇒ Remington PG6025 has self-sharpening steel blades.
⇒ This grooming kit has a rechargeable lithium powered battery.
⇒ 65-minute cordless runtime.
⇒ The device has textured non-slip grips.
⇒ Remington PG6025 kit makes it easy to maintain your haircut.
⇒ Storage pouch included and great for travel.
⇒ Warranty and money-back guarantee.
kit does not have a quick charge function.
⇒ This Kit is not waterproof washable attachments.
⇒ Something hard to settings the correct haircut.
⇒ Not the most powerful clipper

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Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper

Panasonic Cordless Hair ClipperGrooming experts comprehend the value of a hair clipper when considering the accessories for bathrooms. Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper is one of the best professional hair clippers and is advantageous and simple to deal with its lightweight and simple design. The ergonomic outline of this current hair stylist’s device is helpful and furnished with rubber grip. It just gets the top-notch stylist hair clipper that gives a fantastic performance as well as easy to utilize and clean, for beginners and experts as well.

Precision cutting with a 45°edge

High precision blades of Panasonic ER1611 Professional Cordless Hair Clipper are sharpened to a 45° edge. It also includes the new X-taper shape of the blade that permits a bigger cutting surface area and conveys unparalleled cutting pace. This prevalent hair clipper gets hair and trims it without giving up.

Fast 10,000rpm straight engine

Fast 10,000 rpm straight engine gives an effective trim inevitably, paying little heed to residual charge or hair thickness. The intense engine with the mix of smooth outline helps in giving an expert hairstyle even at home. Such highlights make it an unquestionable to have it and you ought not to delay in adding it to your shaving pack.

Low battery LED display

Its design is remarkable and accompanies a LED display that shows the battery status and charging meter. This warning sets you up for when to put it on charging and when to reuse, AC rechargeable, giving up to 40 minutes of cordless use.

Light and simple design

This light and simple design help you in taking care of it effectively without losing or dropping it in a slip. This is the feature of this clipper as you can do hair cut-out of numerous clients without confronting any trouble in holding it.

Convenient Rotating

The specialists depend on its control dial that is situated on the front board. It encourages you in altering the trimming length of the hair that is a vital element for the individuals who don’t have the foggiest idea about the method of exchanging the sharp edges. Presently you can rotate the clippers according to the combs, making fading, cutting, tapering and trimming simple.

Panasonic ER161 is one of the best cordless hair clippers. Such an electric clipper must be your first decision while purchasing.With the assistance of Panasonic ER-1611-K Professional Hair Clipper; you would now be able to trim your hair whenever and wherever you want to trim them. This takes a shot at a hair, wet or dry, without lifting a finger.

⇒ Long lasting power full Battery life and quick charge.
⇒ Premier blade speed and super powerful operation.
⇒ Easy and Comfortable Design.
⇒ Comes with useful accessories.
⇒ 50-minute cordless run time.
⇒ Top of the range professional ER1611k model.
⇒ Made in Japan.
⇒ There is no protective guard to cover the blade when it is stored.
⇒ Along the same lines, there is also no case to store it in.
⇒ It makes more noise than the ER-GB40-S.
⇒ These are relatively trivial issues.
⇒ Little noisy if kept on high power.

Hatteker Hair Trimmer Pro Hair Clippers for Men / Cordless USB Rechargeable Waterproof LED Display

hattekar-mens-hair-clipperHatteker Hair Trimmer falls in the category of best hair cutting clippers and is one of the best professional hair clippers. This hair clipper accompanies a standout among other clippers and is the best cordless hair trimmer. The LCD indicator displays to you precisely how much battery control is left in your charge. 1.5 Hours of charge life implies around 1 Hour of utilization. The ceramic and titanium blade works with a wide range of hair, and won’t force or pull at even long and thick hair on the head or facial hair. Hatteker Hair Trimmer is equipped with amazing and useful features that make it the best cordless hair trimmer.

Self-Sharpening Blades

Hatteker Hair Trimmer is produced using Ceramic Titanium to accomplish an exact edge with this strong and superb self-sharpening blade. It is separable for thorough cleaning and is likewise dependable, with the goal that they won’t get dull effectively.

Fine Adjustment Button

These cordless clippers are tunable from 0.5mm to 2.5mm.6 effortless guide combs(4-6mm/7-9mm/10-12mm/16-18mm/22-24mm/28-30mm)to accomplish a wide assortment of hairdos and lengths for simple and straightforward at-home hairstyles.Various cutting levels can be changed by the button. It is for the full-size trimmer to trim and style hair to any coveted look.


This hair trimmer is quick and simple to clean. Basically, wash the blades under the tap running water for sterile cleaning. A cleaning brush is incorporated to effortlessly clean away the hair particles.

USB quick charging

It has a powerful,long-enduring rechargeable battery with a run time of up to 2.5 hours. USB quick charge option makesideal for your daily use.

LED Display/One Key Lock

Charging condition of the battery is shown in percent/Lock Symbol. Demonstrate to you the battery limit in minutes and let you know how much time is left. A One-key lock,press the on/off button for 3 seconds to bolt or open the machine.

Hatteker Hair Trimmer for men comes with amazing features and falls in the category of best clippers for fades. There are 6 clippers guide combs in it with a view to helping you ace your look or the look of your kids. Having such a large number of length choices likewise implies that you can explore different possibilities regarding various styles including fades.

⇒ Low Cost.
⇒ LCD Charge Display.
⇒ Titanium and ceramic blades bring strength.
⇒ Materials prevent overheating.
⇒ Wireless.
⇒ Lower power trim.
⇒ Not a super close cut.

Braun BT3040 Men’s Ultimate Hair Clipper/Beard Trimmer

Braun Men's Ultimate Hair ClipperBraun beard trimmer provides you the correct length, exact shapes and even trim which the essentials of any awesome look. Regardless of whether you need to accomplish designer stubble, keep up full trim edges, two separable trimming brushes give 39 length settings between 1 – 20mm.  Braun BT3040 Men’s Ultimate Hair Clipper is one of the best professional hair clippers. Joined with the Precision Dial with 0.5mm stages, the Braun beard trimmer gives you a definitive control and accuracy which makes it a best cordless hair trimmer.


An extraordinary element of this beard trimmer is that it is absolutely washable. This implies you can utilize it for a few times as long as you will take great care of it. With this washable component, you can altogether clean it after using it.

The enduring sharpness of blades

Extraordinary compared to other highlights of this trimmer is the way that it has offered sharpness of the blades which will keep going for quite a while.The ultra-sharp stainless steel has the ability to battle customary use.This implies regardless of how extreme utilization you’ll make,the sharpness of this present trimmer’s cutting edges will hold its quality.

Durable power

The fortunate thing about Braun BT3040 is that it has a durable power. For each charge, you can utilize it for an hour of exactness trimming. This implies with a single charging, you will have the capacity to begin and end your entire trimming session without being anxious about the possibility that it’s charging may get low. With the dependable component of this trimmer, you can take as much time as is needed and make an exact trimming with your facial hair.

Wide volt compatibility

The trimmer offers comfort for you as it offers wide volt compatibility. If it is inconvenient for you to bring the adapter while you are on a journey, this thing guarantees you that it will suit to 120 or to 240 volts. This will empower you to charge this trimmer anywhere.

LED charging indicator

If you often forget to charge your trimmer, just in light of this fact that this thing will truly keep you from running out with the battery since it will give you a sign at whatever point it needs some charging. Its LED charging indicator will give you a sign or will illuminate you in regards to with the battery condition of your trimmer. This is to keep the battery safe.

One of the best reasons why Braun BT3040 is a decent decision is on the grounds that it is a profoundly controllable one. This trimmer offers a most extreme precision that will suit your own style, tastes, and inclinations. It is one of the best clippers for fades. The most extreme exactness empowers you to appreciate a correct length and exact shape.

⇒ Sharp blades.
⇒ Good quality.
⇒ 39 different precision settings.
⇒ Corded and cordless use.
⇒ Long battery life.
⇒ Easy to maintain.
⇒ Fully washable but not waterproof.
⇒ Build quality isn’t the best.
⇒ A bit hard to handle.
⇒ Needs to be recharged always.

Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmer with T-Blade

Andis Professional Beard Hair TrimmerThe Andis T-Outliner trimmer is furnished with close-cutting T-Blade. The good-cutting teeth take into consideration greatly close cutting that is flawless for design work or fades. It is the best cordless hair trimmer. Its contoured housing fits easily in the grip of your hand and the heavy duty eight feet’s a lot of space to work. The fast, intense attractive engine runs cool and calm guaranteeing the solace of your customer. The excellent carbon-steel blades are extraordinarily hardened for long-life cutting.

Blade Replacement

When removing or replacing blades make certain to check the alignment of the blade, seeing that the teeth of the upper sharp edge rest marginally underneath the upper blade of teeth on the lower blade. Make sure to the blades after replacing.

Professional Standard Trimmer

Andis gloats first class proficient clippers make to take care of business with accuracy and flawlessness. Capable, fast engine runs cool making the haircutting experience pleasant.

Close Cutting

The carbon-steel blade gives reliability and a long-life while getting the close shave and giving you the capacity of being zero-gapped. Close blades likewise make the Andis reasonable for dry shaving and it can and shaves like a blade. What is progressively the Andis is the same amount of clipper as it is a trimmer and its wide headed blade makes the bald cutting extremely quick.

Around-Ear Precision

The first T-Outliner blade makes perplexing shapes and tight curves with a perfect, smooth line. The T-Outliner is ideal for all-around delineating and blurring and the T-Blade is perfect for trimming mustaches,necks, beards and the edging around ears.

Powerful Motor

The Andis 04710 has a rapid magnetic engine that runs quick delivering the genuine power to trimming blades. Remember that it can run very hot so you should be mindful so as to gives the blades some time to cool and not run it consistently or in long duration.

The T-Blade hair clipper has close trimming blade which influences the whole trimming experience amazing and gives the best results. It takes into consideration simple trimming of the edges and beards. With its movable blades, it gives the opportunity for more customized hairstyles. The powerful motor of Andis Professional T-Outliner Beard/Hair Trimmeris ensured by the contour house. It does not make a noise when not in use and this allows the trimmer to deliver a peaceful and smooth shaving experience.

⇒ Works great for sensitive skin.
⇒ The unit is ideal for dry shaving.
⇒ Contoured housing promotes ergonomic performance.
⇒ Good points.
⇒ Precision cutting.
⇒ Dry shaving ready.
⇒ Blade quality & adjust ability.
⇒ Sensitive skin friendly.
⇒ Runs cool and very quiet.
⇒ The trimmer heats after prolonged use.
⇒ Heats a lot.
⇒ On/off switch.
⇒ Better GTX version.
⇒ Not cordless.
⇒ Vibrates a little too much.

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Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding ClipperNow and then you are not searching for simply any hair shaper. At times you need a clipper that will give you the close cuts along with that smooth shave. You are familiar with, the ones that make it compelling for anybody to not massage the gleaming, newly shaved head.

There is a significant number best professional hair clippers for the bald men. Above all of them takes off the Wahl 5-star Balding clipper. From the customer reviews, it has gained its reputation for being a best decision.


The Wahl 5 start Balding clipper offer a number of amazing features and some of the features of best hair cutting clippers is listed below:

Professional Accuracy

From Wahl Professional’s business review line of items, 5 Star Balding Clipper is planned for the professional use and is intended to convey the sharp execution that specialists request. Clean fresh aesthetic while as yet staying consistent with the ergonomic standards. The clipper is worked to inspire both look wise and performance-wise.

Functional and Stylish

This clipper is a must-have. With an intense electromagnetic engine that cuts double the rate of turn engines, it offers hairdressers and beauticians surgically close trim, influencing it to ideal for precise, quick, and effortless bald an skin fades.

Extras Included

The Wahl Balding Clipper accompanies all the accessories needed for the use. Bundle incorporates the clipper, cleaning brush, directions, 2 connection brushes, oil along with the red blade protect.


The Balding Clipper by Wahl weighs 1 lb and measures 6.25 inches long. This item includes an 8 feet, chemical safe cord that isprofessional grade, as well as highlights a 2105 blade with the V5000+ electromagnetic engine, and it works at 60 hertz or 120 volts.


Wahl’s professional balding clipper is among the best hair cutting clippers for the bald men. The surgical accuracy you will discover here is unmatched and even better; you get it on a really good cost. You’ll, however, need to build up some aptitude in operating this.

⇒ Professional V9000 vibrator engine with respect to durability and sturdiness.
⇒ If maintained consistently, it can be used for quite a long while.
⇒ Effective significant commitment corded scissors, admire as for general use.
⇒ It comprises another surgical cutting edge which will most likely >>trim the hair just like the blade through margarine.
⇒ The Wahl Balding shaper accompanies oil and cleaning and working directions.
⇒ Need extra care to use such types of sharp blades.
⇒ It is costly and not easily available in the market.
⇒ Power cable could be longer.
⇒ Available in the USA only.


Wahl Professional 5-Star Cord Cordless Magic ClipWahl Professional Magic Clipper Model 8451 will be the best device you should have picked. This hair clipper has the best facilities and functions that one could request. You will likewise be sufficiently sure to purchase this capable yet cool running Wahl Magic Professional Hair Clipper, which is professional and best cordless hair trimmer.

Product Features

The product offers so many amazing features that make it a must for men. Have a look at the incredible features of Wahl professional hair clipper.

Pivoted Storage Case with Compartments

The clipper won’t make the space dusty and filthy. It has capacity compartments that will enable you to keep the place to spotless and clean, and you can arrange all the waste straightforwardly into the dustbin. No compelling reason to floor brush in the wake of utilizing the hair clipper.

Variable Taper and Texture

The clipper has texture and tapper, which will upgrade the styling of the hair. It is the extra feature gave in this hair clipper with the goal that you require not spend additional penny into different devices.

Powerful yet Cool Running

The clipper is capable that it has a v5000 engine, yet it cool running innovation. It doesn’t warmed once you start utilizing it. It could be advantageous for the client and can likewise be useful to saloon individuals who utilize this on their clients.

Exceptionally Adjustable Blades

While utilizing this clipper, the blades of the clipper get balanced according to the clientsdemand and need; with the goal that client could style the hair accordingly.

Bundled Packaging

The extra required utilities are additionally furnished alongside this hair clipper like the blade cleaning brush or hair styling brush. It will help you to keep up the strength of it. And furthermore, the direction and instructions are accommodated for the better and appropriate use.

Product Warranty

In case that while utilizing this item you found any trouble or issue or even it stops working or gets faulted, the producer gives the guarantee to repair the item in the restricted term of one year.


Taking everything into account, the Wahl 5 Star Magic Clip has turned out to be dependable, strong, and intense clipper. Supported by a year Limited Manufacture Warranty and prescribed by the best hair stylists in the business. On clients surveys presently rate this item 4.5 out 5 stars and that’s why it in the list of best professional hair clippers.

⇒ Extremely lightweight.
⇒ Adjustable blade.
⇒ Durable plastic body.
⇒ Cord or Cordless.
⇒ Lithium ion battery.
⇒ Doesn’t get hot quickly.
⇒ Lightweight.
⇒ Lack of power.
⇒ Little heating problem.

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OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper

OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor ClipperRegardless of how incredible your aptitude is, you can’t complete a professional haircut with a low quality clipper. A decent quality clipper is extremely vital to enable you to get the best haircut. OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper is a great clipper that you can use to do some professional haircuts. The capable engine, additional sturdy blades, and fantastic build are what made this clipper extraordinary compared to other items out there.


The Oster classic 76 is among the list of best professional hair clippers and it has so many great features that are listed here. Have a look at these features.

Powerful Motor

This astounding hair clipper by Oster comes outfitted with the heavy dutyengine, which implies that you could use it effortlessly for an intensive trim.

Easily Usable for All Hair types

You can effortlessly utilize this engine clipper by Oster for all type of hair adequately. It implies that no matter if you’ve wavy hair, wet hair or dry hair, you can use it without having any issue.

Break-resistant Housing

It accompanies an ultra-tough and breaks safe lodging, which implies that you won’t have to stress of its breakage in case that you drop it unintentionally.

Extensive Power Cord

It accompanies a 9 feet broad wire, which implies that you could convey it effortlessly without having any concern of carrying the extension with you.


You’ll likewise not have to stress over changing its blades as they are separable effortlessly with no issue.

Ergonomic Design

This exceptional ace clipper has a novel and ergonomic design, which will enable you to utilize it effortlessly throughout the day cutting purposes in a compelling way.

Strong Grip

You won’t need to stress over taking care of this ace clipper while being used, as it’ll provide you solid hold easily by its finished housing.

Final Words

With no uncertainty, the Oster Classic 76 clipper is a powerful, fierce, overall stunning stylist instrument. The Oster Classic 76 is a durable and professional tool. In case you’re searching for quality-cuts devices with a heavy duty engine then your search closes here.

⇒ Its engine is capable in fact.It can produce a lot of
cutting force.Because of this, it is truly powerful without a doubt.
⇒ All its constituent parts are intense and tough.This is on the
grounds that they are made of intense materials.
As the consequence of this,the clipper keeps going long.
⇒ The clipper’s effective engine and blades mutually ooze
substantial obligation performance. The sharp blade is
hence ready to trim through to a great degree thick hair,
for example, dreadlocks.
⇒ You will discover this clipper somewhat simple to utilize.This stems
from its oversimplified outline.You won’t battle to ace and use it.
⇒ Females cannot handle it.
⇒ More expensive than similar models.
⇒ Only corded model available.
⇒ Bigger, heavier and fairly loud.
⇒ Limited Geographical Suitability.
⇒ It is not possible to vary the speed of this clipper.
⇒ It makes a lot of noise while working.
⇒ It is not recommended to beginners.

Kebor Hair Clipper for Men Cordless

Kebor Hair Clipper for MenKebor won’t be a commonly recognized name but rather they do make some quite astounding best cordless hair clippers sets for men. The Kebor Hair Clipper Set is a professional corded or cordless hair cutting set that accompanies a rechargeable 2000 mAh Lithium ion battery, intense DC engine, stainless steel blade and separable cord.


The Kebor hair clipper is among the best cordless hair clippers and it offers it users a number of amazing features. Some of the features of the Kebor Hair clipper are listed below.

High Speed, Low-Drag

The upgraded self-honing precision tough blades are made of premium high carbon stainless steel, with the 8 watt Heavy Duty engine inside, this clipper could remove any hair quick, simple and proficiently.

2000 mAh Lithium-Ion Battery

While numerous conventional standard clippers are as yet using the NiMH batteries, the Kebor clipper has an exceptional Lithium-Ion battery inside that is equipped for holding up to 2000mAh of energy, presenting to 3 hours of task time after it is fully charged.

Adjustable Taper Lever

The thumb lever on side is designed for an easy blending as well as customized cutting lengths. There’re marks on the clipper’s body to give the user an idea of length it’ll give while adjusting.

Corded Mode

The Kebor Men’s Clipper is cordless, yet you could even now interface it to a power supply with the connector as well as link that accompany it, regardless of what level of power remains.

Ergonomic Design

Kebor’s item originators and hair cutting specialists cooperate and give careful consideration to the total client experience. Their work has brought about a perplexingly comfortable affair while guaranteeing this clipper productively completes the activity.

The Kebor Hair Clippers Set is an incredible at home hair cutting instrument that isn’t just an extraordinary deal however takes care of the business. This clipper is smooth, ergonomically intended to fit in your grasp and gives a comfortable trimming knowledge.


This at home clipper is anything but difficult to utilize and gives a professional quality trim at a small amount of the cost of comparative more costly clippers and has all that you will require for your next DIY home haircut session. The Kebor Hair Clippers Set is a quality item at an incredible cost and is unquestionably worth attempting.

⇒ Smooth, Quick and Precise.
⇒ Up to 3 hours run time.
⇒ Cordless operation.
⇒ Ergonomic design.
⇒ Powerful 8 watt DC motor.

⇒ No storage pouch.

Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper

Philips Norelco Hair ClipperFor a slick and professional look, a flawless haircut is fundamental. In case you are hoping to trim down your stylist visits while keeping up a perfect haircut then the Philips Norelco Hair Clipper is an answer for your concern and an item worth considering. It is an advanced cordless rechargeable clipper with promising outcomes and is apparently a good decision among different clippers.


The Philips Norelco hair clipper is a great choice if you are looking for a quality clipper. It is offering so many great features to its customers. Have a look at some of the best features of Philips Norelco.

Lithium Ion Cordless Power with Turbo Boost

The Philips electric clipper utilizes a Lithium particle control battery. The battery requires a 1 hour charge time that is sufficient to give 2 hours of cordless trimming to the client. Nonetheless, for the clients that need consistent power, the clipper accompanies a power cord that permits plugged in use.

Self-Sharpening Titanium Blades

These modern age blades are intended to offer maximum toughness. The self-honing trademark guarantees a dependable outputas well as a precise cutting during the each cut. In addition, the sharp bladesdon’t require any oil application.

Quick Release Washable Blades

To accomplish this feature, the client just needs to open the separable head to discharge the blades and wash off the hair on blades and supplant them on the clipper. This gives the client a perfect hair cutting experience.

Dual-Cut Technology

In case that you have utilized substandard clippers before then you know the problem that accompanies them where you need to dully shave over the same are yet the Philips Norelco Hair Clipper save you from this issue. The clipper has a twofold honed cutting segment permitting the slightest rubbing event enabling the client to get fast and sharper cuts.

Hard Case

For finish toughness, the clipper arrives in a solid hard case that guarantees extreme condition for extreme power and accuracy.

Manual and Guide

For anyone that is not completely familiar with hair clippers, this clipper accompanies a 3page client’s manual and guide on different functionalities it has.


The Philips Norelco Hair Clipper may be the right decision for anyone hoping to buy the best hair cutting clippers. Additionally, thinking of it as another result of the eminent Philips Company, it satisfies the name of the organization.

⇒ Li-Ion battery gives cordless activity to up to 120 minutes.
⇒ Customization with 24 distinctive length changes.
⇒ Easy to clean and does not require any support.
⇒ High construct quality.
⇒ Very competitively priced.
⇒ Philips Norelco HC7452/41 7100 Hair Clipper.
⇒ Unsuitability of comb for a small area.
⇒ Unsuitable for unusually thicker hair.
⇒ Bulky size means you can’t really get to narrow areas.
⇒ Comb gets clogged by hair rather easily.
⇒ Not many additional items come in the box.
⇒ Guard can be too bulky.

Best professional hair clippers buying guide

Here we have the complete buying guide for the clippers that will help you in the selection of the product.


First, you have to pay attention to the quality of the product that you are planning to buy. Remember that you have to pay attention to the material and technology used for the manufacturing of the product because that is the only way you can get the best quality product. You should know that there are different types of material used for the production of the best professional hair clippers. Assure that the machinery has been manufactured with stainless steel because that is the only way it can be protected from vapors, humidity and other type of water damage. You should know that the plastic used for the manufacturing of the cover should be BPA free.


One of the most important things that you have to consider before buying the professional hair clipper is the features that you will get. Some of the important features that you should consider is the product are.

  1. Assure that it has automatic control system because that will help you quickly shutoff the system once you are done with it.
  2. You have to make sure that the blades of the trimmer are properly protected. It will protect you from cuts on the face and in this way you can safely use the product without worry about any kind of damage to your face.
  3. Make sure that there is option for different speeds available on the trimmer because it will help you create different shapes and size of beards according to the style that you want.


It is important that you pay attention to the manufacturing company of the product that you are planning to buy. There are several brands working in the industry. Remember that all the brands do not have the best quality product. It is important that you select the product from the brand that has the best repute in the market. You should get recommendations from your friends and family members because they will let you know that which product has the best quality. They will never give you a wrong suggestion.

Reviews and rating

Make sure that you check the reviews and rating of the product that you are planning to buy. Read the comments of all the previous customers because it will give you the best idea about the performance and quality of the product that you are planning to buy. In case you are not satisfied with the reviews it would be a better idea that you consult the previous customers. They will let you know whether the product is worth your money or not

Bottom line

You might get confused during the selection of one of the best hair cutting clippers. It is better that you select the best clippers for fades that meets your requirements perfectly. One of the most important things that you have to consider is the price of the product that you are planning to buy. It is important that you do not compromise quality for price but at the same time you have to pay attention to your budget. Make sure that you get the best professional hair clippers from a reliable store. There are many fake retailers that will provide you the low quality products at expensive rate. Assure that you find the best retailer so that you can get the best quality product.

You might get confused during the selection of one of the best hair cutting clippers. It is better that you select the best clippers for fades that meets your requirements perfectly. One of the most important things that you have to consider is the price of the product that you are planning to buy. It is important that you do not compromise quality for price but at the same time you have to pay attention to your budget. Make sure that you get the best professional hair clippers from a reliable store. There are many fake retailers that will provide you the low quality products at expensive rate. Assure that you find the best retailer so that you can get the best quality product.

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